Im leaving because
1.Nobody is ever on and if they join their either trolls,Quick join players,Or stay AFK for 20 fucking years
2.I tried to be nice but eveything i do people disagree with
3.Rock kept blackmailing me with pictures of me ""abusing"" and if i do one thing on accident people get it wrong
4.Im going to join another server and be staff their(Not main reason
5.The main devs don't know how to make things better(Ex.Kratoz will do something and will then go Afk and something important might happen and needs to be dealt with)
6.Nobody like meh
Now im not saying that the server is trash and needs to be brought down,Im just saying it needs better conditions.And people gonna think Wow Sins a fucking douche,but just please make the server have better adjustments added to it, more online people,and more staff.

Have a good day/Night
Except you Rock


i Have Left
Their goes the legend of sin

i Have Left
Bye sinister rip
thEfts_DucK said previously:

Bye sinister rip

i Have Left
okie dokie

-Lots of love,
Cya Sinister, was fun playing with you. Also I would like to add on to what he said, I do agree nobody is ever on and I understand the server is just starting but..We've had people on before and I want to know where are they going and not coming back. Also I want to add I think we have too many staff members for such a low populated server, half the time all the players in the server are part of staff and that isnt necessarily a issue it's just the staff member will get bored very quickly since there isnt much roleplay with 5-6 players on. ALSO I will admit, about 80% Krat0z is AFK whether he is out and about or he is "super" busy I get that but, to be honest are AFK a lot XD (p.s we need a way to get more players :c) 

Krat0z is AFK when he isnt playing on purpose, so am I. On the weekends we will be populated. It takes time in DarkRP to build a weekday community.  If you have issues Blighted, Loom and I are all here. 

-Lots of love,
You can't expect our server to grow overnight, whilst it has been doing well lately(maybe not this week) it will take some time to grow. People most likely haven't been on as much due to school coming to an end soon but this summer should be a prime time for us to start gainhing a player base. As for my innactivity; I'm busy, nothing more to it. I do what I can when I can, we have admins to watch the server for a reason. I can't be expected to be there 24/7. However, I would like to try to be on more often. 

Side-note: The devs' don't know how to make things better? I beg to differ because we're working on bug fixes and new content quite a bit, we also use our community feedback and build off of it.