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My real name is Brayden and my in game name is Muffincat!



How many hours do you have on VoltageRP(50 Hours+[Able to be waived by higher up])?

How many hours do you have in "Garry's Mod"?

Have you been a Moderator before on previous DarkRP servers? If so, which?
yes ive ben admin on a rust server and a mod on old purge server that got shut down that is why im applying here!

Sum up into 1 paragraph why you wish to be a Moderator for VoltageRP
I like helping people and im on most of the time and I really love being a staff member at server were I can be a part of it! when im apart of something I take this like my like depends on it and I like helping servers grow and I can see this is a newer server and I would like to watch it grow over time and be a part of that.
I am always up for new ideas and I like to help figure out things and suggest thing to make them better for a example I like to suggest new adons to add to the server to make it more enjoyable!
and I like helping people out I in real like I would for a group called AHF or Amarillo Housing First where we help the homeless to get into homes and give them life back I volunteer in animal shelter for about 5 hours a week (I know its not much but it make me fell good) and that is why I want to be a mod is to help people and make the server grow!