Staff Guidelines

Staff Rules/Guidelines

We use a three strike system. More severe violations may result in an immediate demotion regardless of your strike count. 


  • Record at least 5 hours of server time per week. If you will be gone for an extended period of time let Krat0z or a Headadmin know ahead of time.
  • Be active on the forums. Growing these grows attention to our community
  • Treat all players and staff with respect? at all times.
  • Do not use commands to force yourself into vote only jobs.
  • Always provide a reason with your kick/ban
  • Do not use ULX commands to give abilities to non-staff. (Example: Giving your friend, who is Member, noclip)
  • Do not kick/ban other staff. Report them
  • Using !spectate or other ULX commands to get info used for RP is not allowed. (Example: Using spectate to find out how many printers one has so you can raid them)
  • Do not spam echoed ulx commands. (Example: granting god mode 10 times in a row)
  • Do not physgun other players props/entities without permission from that player or unless you need to for a sit
  • Don?t move world props
  • Do not freeze printers, drug pots/labs or any other raidable goods that regular users cannot freeze.
  • If another staff member is on please try to have them handle sits that directly involve you. We understand that this isn't always possible.

 Not on Duty

  • Do not use any Moderator+ ULX commands while not AOD unless you are in a sit. (Example: Using noclip or god while SWAT)
  • Try to let the AOD handle the sits first, however if he/she is overwhelmed please help them out.
  • Do not attempt to leverage your staff rank in RP scenarios. (Example: ?Hey I?m a Mod, vote me for Mayor?)
  • Do not use !spectate while not on duty. While it does not echo, there is a log.

While AOD

  • It is acceptable to noclip while AOD however, avoid randomly flying through other bases as this breaks RP.
  • You may not farm or participate in any RP while AOD.
  • You must sell all your doors and remove all props inside your base while AOD
  • You may use godmode while AOD only


  • Moderator

    • Handle sits while on server
    • Report violations on forums
    • Handle yourself maturely when OOC

  • Admin

    • All the responsibilities of Moderator
    • Handle more severe sits
    • Someone needs to go AOD when more than 20 players are on

  • SuperAdmin

    • All the responsibilities of Admin
    • Accept/Deny Ban Appeals that fall within our guidelines
    • Accept/Deny Ban Requests that fall within our guidelines
    • Act as an example to lower staff
    • Can conduct events that are within reason and allow anyone who doesn?t want to participate to continue RP

  • HeadAdmin

    • All the responsibilities of SuperAdmin
    • Accept/Deny staff applications that fall within our guidelines
    • Accept/Deny staff reports that fall within our guidelines, including handling demotions
    • Moderate the forums. This includes deleting spam, handling forum bans and handling forum reports
    • Ability to conduct voluntary staff meetings (when implemented)

  • Cross posted to DarkRP section so non-staff can view it. 

-Lots of love,